Saturday, November 12, 2011

Folder Flower Tutorial

 I seen the template for these and realized I didn't need a template to make them.  Basically, I cut 8 squares of fabric, 3" by 3".  The fabric I used is a non rip nylon but any non raveling fabric can be used.  It is best to use a fabric that is the same color on both sides but you can still use cotton fabric, one-sided.

I threaded a needle with 2 strands of white thread.  I then used an eraser as a holder for the needle.  Helps alot, kinda like a 3rd hand.

Take 1 square of fabric

Fold in half (eraser is holding it so I can take the photo, very useful eraser!)

Fold in half again

Then fold in half one more time but on the diagonal.

Then cut a curve on one side to make the shape of an ice cream cone.

When you unfold it, it will look like a heart. 

After you unfold it to the heart shape, then you will fold the 2 outside edges of the heart to the center.

You then have the ice cream cone shape again but you have 2 folded edges on one side and 3 folded edges on the other side.

Take the cone shape and pierce the tiny tip with the needle.  You will take then the other 7 squares and fold and cut them and place on the needle, just like you did with this one.

Then pull the needle out of the eraser and pull each square of fabric down onto the thread.  I used white thread so it is easier to see but I always try to use a thread the same color as the fabric.

Tie the two threads into a knot pulling the circle shut tight.  Then pull each of the petals open.

This is the finished flower.  The color looks a little off because I lightened it so you could see the layers of the petals.

This is one I did with 4" squares made from Organza

This is one I made with cotton, only printed on one side, then I glued a rolled ribbon rose in the middle.

This is the back of the flower.  Again, the color looks off because I wanted you to see the circle of felt and the clip.

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This tutorial is my own idea.  Any similarity to others is purely coincidental.  You may use this to make any flowers to sell, but do not sell the instructions or pictures.  You may post a link to this in a forum but do not copy the words and pictures themselves, to post.

2011 © Doris S. Ford